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One of the most common problem faced in marriage is actually not being able to find the right match and getting delayed for marriage. A horoscope can very well narrate this problem by way of afflictions caused by planets. Likewise by performing specific remedies this problem can be solved. In a horoscope the seventh house indicates the marriage life. It gives all kinds of information regarding the life partner. Astrology gives necessary tools and methods to find the timings of marriage and it also shows what is the reason for late marriage, mangaldhosam, sarpadhosam etc., and gives remedy to get relief from the problems and shows the way to the marriage.

In the jothidasasthram SIDDHARS & RISHIS says that there is remedy for the people affected by the planets by their bad time by worshipping the Gods and the Navagrahams in the ancient temples and by taking bath in the pools in the temples, and in the holy sacred rivers and in the seas and by doing homams & poojas. VetrivelJothidalayam give detailed analysis of horoscope and personal prediction, to give suggestion about the dhosams in the horoscope and how they can get relief by doing pariharams. The people must know what is Astrology and what is horoscope and how they have to use it in their life to get rid from their difficult position in marriage.

Astrology is an incredible tool of self discovery. It gives us rich tools for understanding human character. Astrology is a system that enable us to understand the past, present, future within a universe of feeling. Astrology is the study of correlation between the astronomical position of the planets and the events of the earth. Astrology‘s purpose is to use the astronomical position of the planets and stars in the sky to gather information on the individual and humanity. Astrology‘s premise is that the planetary movements influence the moments in time. Astrology give a deeper understanding of all their relationships with siblings, parents, children’s, friends, partners and bosses. Astrology helps to know the twelve bhavas in a horoscope and how it represents all the aspects of human life ranging from heaith, wealth, education, marriage, occupation, earnings, fame. Hidden treasure, teaching capability, self-control, foreign travel, place of residence and also about the medical expenses also. VetrivelJothidalayam give awareness about the stars(naksathrams) which are said to be dhosanaksathrams for the delay marriage and clear the obstacles in their marriage. VetrivelJothidalayam guide the brides and grooms in doing the pariharams and arrange the marriage.
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